A cozy, rustic place to work, relax and explore!


A variety of shared accommodations are available, from two-person lakeside cabins, to larger cottages for groups


A common space to dine and socialize


In addition to outhouses scattered amongst the cabins, we have a central Bathhouse with flush toilets, sinks, showers and a washer and dryer

Labs & Workspaces

We have multiple lab facilities that follow animal care protocols and a classroom portable with a projector

Canoe Beach

A large selection of canoes, paddles, safety kits and lifejackets available for research or recreation


A number of nearby trails to explore, including many that are accessible only to Station users

Swim Rock

Situated on Lake Sasajeewun, we have access to a lovely swimming spot!


The Station does not have internet access, however the nearby Visitor’s Centre offers free WiFi


Cabins on site range from 10 person bunk cabins to two bedroom cottage style cabins with a small common area. Most researchers housed in small, but beautiful and rustic, two-person lakeside cabins.

All cabins have electricity and heat. A number of outhouses and a centralized bathhouse are available nearby.


There are three lab buildings located at the AWRS. Your needs and affiliations will determine which lab you will be using. If you are a first-time user of the station, please let the manager know your needs well in advance of your arrival.

By law, all field laboratories must be kept in a clean and sanitary state (Animals for Research Act, regulation 24, section 4, subsections 2-4). Management will make sure laboratories are being maintained in an acceptable condition.


The AWRS provides a washroom complex with two bathrooms. Each bathroom contains two showers, multiple sinks, and toilets. Additionally, there is a washing machine, dryer, and clothes line available for use. A number of outhouses are discretely spread across the premises.


The cookhouse is the hub of activity. The dinning area is graced with a wood fireplace, piano, couches, and shelves filled with books and board games. You might just recognize the face of an old friend our wall of group photos dating back to the 1940’s! A games room with a pingpong table is located on the other side of the building. Meals are served buffet style three times a day and announced by ringing of the historic gong.

*meal times can be shifted to best accommodate the majority of users. If you are unable to attend the pre-determined meal times a serving will be set aside for you. Packed lunches can be made available upon request before arrival. We are able to accommodate for most dietary restrictions and allergies. However we must be informed at least a week in advance so we are able to incorporate your needs into our menu.

What to Bring

When you book your stay at the Station, we’ll send you a guide specific to your group that will include detailed information on what to pack, considering the time of year you’re visiting and what activities you’ll be engaging in. However, there are a few standard items all Station users should be prepared to bring for their visit:


The Station does not provide bedding, so you should bring sheets and blankets to fit a single bed and a pillow


The Station does not provide shampoo and other soaps, or laundry detergent


Sturdy footware and clothing for a variety of temperatures and weather conditions is a must! From May-August you’ll need protection from biting flies, including mosquitoes, black flies and deer flies


The Station grounds outside of the buildings are completely dark at night so you’ll need a headlamp, or flashlight with extra batteries to navigate between buildings

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