Potential Users

The Algonquin Wildlife Research Station prides itself in its rich history of hosting diverse projects and groups

The AWRS does not only host wildlife research but also accommodates a wide variety of natural science projects, educational institutions, workshops, natural history media and many others. In addition to providing bunks and food the AWRS can also provide logistics, lab space, classrooms, some equipment and much more. To learn more about how the AWRS can host you contact the station manager.

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Field Saftey

Safety is of the utmost importance to the AWRS. We provides guidelines and recommendations however researchers are required to have a field safety protocol from their home institution. Potential risk vary depending on the nature of each individual project and the time of year. Common risky situations arise from; adverse weather conditions, working remotely, working in the off season (November to April) and Wildlife (black bears, moose etc.). We are happy to speak with you about which risks may be present and ways in which you may be able to mitigate those risks.

Research Policies

Every individual or group seeking permission to conduct research in Algonquin Park must submit a detailed outline of the proposed research to the Park through an online application process. If you are intending to utilize the AWRS grounds and facilities please inform the Station Manager before you send in your outline to ensure that we have availability. A copy of your approved research proposal must be sent to the AWRS Station Manager prior to the commencement of your research.

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