[WORKSHOP] Introduction to Wildlife and Nature Photography

by Patrick
3 weeks ago

 Introduction to Nature and Wildlife Photography

Three dates for summer 2020 workshops: June 19-21, August 28-30, and October 2-4


This workshop is aimed at those who consider themselves beginner photographers, whether you’ve just picked up a DSLR camera or you’re looking to expand your skills beyond the automatic mode. Immerse yourself in beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park for the weekend as you learn how to use your camera to create compelling nature and wildlife images with photographer Samantha Stephens. At the end of the workshop you’ll have a basic understanding of photography gear, exposure and composition.

The cost of this workshop is $450, which includes two-nights of accommodation and all meals at the Algonquin Wildlife Research Station.

Your workshop leader: Samantha Stephens is a visual storyteller. She uses photography and film paired with compelling written narratives to communicate scientific research, especially when that research is relevant to conservation issues. She hopes to foster appreciation for the natural world and the work that helps us understand and protect our shared planet. Samantha is trained as a biologist and is a graduate of the Environmental Visual Communication program offered by the Royal Ontario Museum and the Fleming College School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences. She is a National Geographic Explorer and a contributing member of The Canid Project and Everyday Extinction.

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