"Wild Life", celebrating 75 years of boreal insight

by Patrick
3 years ago
Behind Algonquin Park trail guides, popular books, dioramas, educational programs, and policies is science. Behind the science is the Algonquin Wildlife Research Station. This year the we’re celebrating 75-years! In commemoration, Mountain Life magazine – Blue Mountains issue (Fall 2019) has published a feature article:
“Wild Life: Celebrating 75 years of boreal insight at the Algonquin Wildlife Research Station”. The article can be accessed online here.
Set on Lake Sasajewun, a modest waterbody in venerable Algonquin Provincial Park, AWRS acts as a base from which researchers in sub-boreal ecosystems can access 30,000 pristine acres of park not open to the public. Since its inception in 1944 as a closed-door government facility, the station has provided scientists with logistical support in the form of accommodation, food, laboratory space and equipment. A decades-long series of funding cuts saw it morph to an incorporated non-profit in 2009 to stay afloat, but the new paradigm came with an unexpected upside—bringing the AWRS’s rich history of scientific research and natural heritage programming into the public eye.”


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